Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pink Leaves Lane

A long stretch with a shade on top of you. A shade created by the intersecting branches & leaves of trees places opposite each other. Beautiful & lonely that lane was, once you walk from there you feel as if you are special & out in a different world. This thought struck me, took the picture of the lane exactly they way I imagined & gave the leaves a pink shade. A place as such may not exist really but for my imagination it defiantly does. Imagination, may be such a place does exist, have not seen all hence.

The National Bird

Caged is it's beauty, it's freedom & yet it gives you a pleasant sight. Peacock may be the national bird of India many of them are caged these days for allowing visitors to view. This one was beautiful, had a brilliant appeal & made you think of how pleasing it would be to see it out in the open. The moment I went near to it to click a photograph it poked it's beak suggesting as if try & get me out. Most beautiful bird yet not preserved rightfully.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Water Channel

Not sure what you call such a collection present around in the resort but it made a great sight & one could find such water channels every where in Aayus resort. One thing it made me do was take a picture as soon as I saw it. Must say was impressed with the way the motion of the wheel has come out very well even in the image.

Lord Krishna's Palace

Huge, brilliant & golden that's what you see once you enter the resort. A huge palace made as if it belonged to the Lord Krishna era. The detail involved in it, the way the colors are given & the sun shining on it made it a perfect dream palace. It was just not possible to cover this all in one image. Hence tried to cover the most & do note this is an original image without any filters or edits. It's one of the most liked images on my Instagram uploads.

Lord Krishna - The Master Mind

Weekend & as planned we friends decided to go to Aayush Resort near Panvel. Though I had been there before but I could hardly recollect anything about the place. As soon as you enter the place you are welcomed by this brilliant & epic statue of Lord Krishna & his horses from Mahabharata. Such was the power of the image that I wanted to cover it all in one click. Lord Krishna is considered a master mind of Mahabharata & this scene is considered to be a photo cover of the entire battle. Love the way the carvings are seen in this image.

Cricket can be beautiful too

So one fine day as always we friends were playing cricket on Venus ground. The match became too one sided in our favor to even raise any sorts of interest. Fielding neat the dressing room I decided to make the most of the time I use to get with the ball not coming in my side. I asked one of my friends to pass my phone from my bag & took a quick click while fielding for the Instagram collection. Must say I love this pic for the quickness involved & for the clouds that kept staring our game of play.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Marine Drive - Be the way you are

Whether it is morning or evening this place has some magic in it, it just lifts you up. Gives you that perfect smell which you want to take back home. Gives you that perfect image that you want to remember & gives you the perfect inspiration to keep moving on. I feel this pic describes each & every aspect of it. Just love the way how the sky has begun to stretch it's arm & given a perfect feel to the evening. Though I have not seen the very old "Bombay" but I strongly feel this is what it must have been. Calm, composed, relaxed & providing everyone an opportunity to dream. What do you say?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Juhu Beach

When one is in Mumbai for a trip, he is always suggested to go to the place called Juhu beach. Not only for the location one is asked to but also because of the various celebrity homes present around this area. So being a Mumbaikar myself it was long I had not visited this place. So as again one find day during office hours we decided to go to Juhu beach & chill. Sitting there I could see how people are enjoying the sea even in enormous sun without the fear of a stroke. May be they were still feeling it was a pleasant day & hence I tried my best to convert a sunny looking beach into a beautiful evening with the help of Instagram filters.

The Instagram Race

This picture is a result of my urge to get a pic up on Instagram featuring my bike Bajaj Pulsar. I wanted to take one while riding & this is the closest possible I could get to try & include my bike in it. The hint of hand that is seen in the pic is mine while on the rider's sit. Yes it is dangerous but the road that I clicked this picture is always empty, hence eliminating the risk to some extent. Not the best of pics but the effort involved & the speed at which I wanted to click it, it deserved an upload. Vrooooommm.

Love for the Sea continues

It's one thing in Mumbai which has not changed & never will. It's mood keeps changing with everyday that's it. Just like me even my friend has this fascination towards sea. So one Sunday after giving our prayers to God, we decided to explore the moods of sea at Marine Drive. That's when I captured this image & gave it a filtered look. Sea, something which keeps inspiring you.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Beat the Heat

Summer's in Mumbai can be really bad & can beat even the best. But just like every other city even Mumbai has it's own way to Beat the killing Heat. "Golas" they are called, crushed ice with flavored syrup on top with various varieties. So one find day just to beat this heat we office colleagues decided to go to Juhu for one of these rounds of Gola. Gola, beach, sea & perfect breeze to complete it. Try it out next time you go to Juhu.

That one for Friendship

I had been for a holiday to Malaysia in Oct 2011 with 3 of my other friends. Months passed by but we could never stop discussing the trip. So one fine day we decided to gather at a place & rewind our memories of the beautiful & adventurous trip. This one is for the bautiful journey & to friendship. Malaysia Truly Asia

Notorious Jiya

She is my neighbor's kid but is more often spending time at our house for the very fact not a single person shouts at her & is pampered the most. She is mischievous, notorious & yet super sweet. So if pics were to be taken she had to be an essential part of Instagram collection, since most of my phone pics are also loaded by her poses.

Love for the Sea

It's one of the most posh areas of Mumbai with several Bollywood celebs residing here, yet the sea does not differentiates & gives an equal opportunity to stare at it. Love this pic for the timing when I clicked as there was not a single person around except my friend & me. It felt as if the sea for a while belonged to us & the waves kept inviting us to jump. An early morning outing which made the rest of the Sunday Perfect. Carter Road - Bandra every college going kid must have at least been here once in his days.

3593 Captures

You may wonder on reading the title, it means the pic has been captured while riding my bike which is numbered 3593. A Bajaj Pulsar & I am proud of it, has been a beautiful ride till now. Back to the story behind the image, this was taken while returning home from office. I usually like to take the back road behind the Inorbit mall, it's a long road but is empty & helps me avoid signals. Plus I can speed in too. Love the way Sun shines in this image & the sky has become tired. Love this pic for the instant manner I clicked so that it can be uploaded on Instagram.

Versova Beach

When the Boss is out we take over, that's what we did one day. All by ourselves in office, we just decided to bunk few hours of office, go to a beach nearby, "The Versova Beach" & relax. Relax not exactly we ended up sweating because of the humidity & heat but managed to take this pic for my Instagram collection. We also managed some nice individual profile pics. The beach is clean & empty, am sure it would be a great sight in evenings & on a less sunny day.

Sachin's 100th Century

GOD! Literally he is in India. For every time even if he sneezes it becomes a big news. So how would we Indians avoid this. Sachin Tendulkar was stuck on 99 career centuries for a long time, entire India wanted him to reach the 100th mark. Even Coca Cola decided to honor this achievement by a century can. What I like most about this pic is the color Gold. Perfect to describe an achievement as huge as this. Long Live the Master Blaster - Sachin Tendulkar. Till date it is the only Sachin's coca cola can pic on Instagram.

Office Office 2

Yawn! Literally I was when I decided to collect things present on my desk & click this particular image. There is no other story besides this about this image. Yet love this pic & would love to show it to my photography professor who use to use various lenses, shades, lights & of-course models to click what he called "The" pic. Intagram has reduced all that to just one click & a "Nashville" filter.

Office Office

Working Saturdays, new to the Instagram app & an urge to click an image to share is what this pic is all about. "Lucky" Bamboo sticks given as Christmas gift, glares which I use while riding my bike & my Samsung Ace to click it - a combination of 3 products got this. Must say Instagram makes the most ordinary pictures look professional. That Bamboo sticks have grown now, does it indicate luck? I hope it does.

Marry Go Around

One find day after a dance practice session for my friends wedding, we friends decided to go & relive our childhood. This fair "Mela" as called locally was being held near Girgaun Chowpatty. Just love this pics for the colors it shows & the way it depicts the colors of Google also. This image had been in my phone ever since, Instagram gave me an exact platform to display it. So Marry Go Around & have fun.

Subrato Roy Sahara Stadium

Considering I am a huge cricket fan this was the first image I uploaded on Instagram & must say it has been one of the most liked images till date. Love the way the image depicts the Indian colours in it. The stadium hosts cricket matches & belongs to the famous Sahara group headed by Subrato Roy. Stadium is located on the outskirts of the peaceful city of Pune & gives a spectacular view while seated amongst the crowd. Probably one of the most beautiful stadium India has. This image was taken during the first match hosted & stadium being inaugurated.