Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lets meet Peace...

Some go to trek, some to explore & some to enjoy but few go to relax. Yes Pondicherry is indeed a place to relax. It allows you to do so. Though i went from my college for an industrial visit, relaxation & peace is what it had to offer.
Peace, french style promenades, clean & green is what one searches to relax & Pondi has all in it. The most unique thing about Pondi is that it does not have any industry that affect nature as said by the CM of Pondi.
The most beautiful aspect of Pondi was the long walk that we friends took on the corridors of the Arabian Sea. A walk in heavy rains that too barefoot & with dear college friends was more then I had asked from this God's Wonder.

The corridor where we friends walked, just to enjoy each other's presence...

One more unique aspect of Pondi is a structure build in middle of the town in memory of a prostitute who use to help the poors with her earnings.

A town structure build in memories of a prostitute

When in Pondi, Aurbindo Ashram is a must must see as life takes a completely new meaning when you see their teachings, in fact their practical teachings.
While in Pondi the best way to explore is to walk the lonely & peaceful lanes of this small town with friends singing & allowing the nature to feed you to its limit.

Simple walks & more, I do remember them...

You will be surprised with every step as you will keep wondering how a place which is so small can offer you so much that you can cherish for your entire life. These are the moments where peace & delight of nature takes you over & leaves you with a feeling that "yes I am a simple & a lovable person on earth". It is indeed coined to perfection as "Peaceful Pondicherry" by it's promoters.
A place that I explored with my college friends & still want to go their once again just to relive those relaxing & simple moments which one always dreams of to have.
They say you can't meet peace but I did. Pondi forces you to do so even if you don't want to. My belief that a person behaves according to the place he is in came very true when I visited this simple yet extra ordinary peace of land.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dal Lake - A city on lake

You may have heard of a market at your street corner or a market in a polished mall but have you even thought of the idea of a market on a lake. Even I hadn't until I visited Dal Lake in Kashmir. Located in Srinagar this lake is accessible from almost all parts of the city.

Floating market on Dal Lake

Visitng Dal lake & having a ride in a Shikara is an experience of a lifetime. Shikaras are hand driven boat like structures. People have actually build their homes, shops & even industries on this lake. You get everything from daily necessities to luxurious items.
I still remember peeping in one of the locals houses & I could see a television, refrigerator & a well made kitchen also.

Shikara's at Dal Lake

I mean I couldn't imagine a house just as mine on a lake. The lake also has a mosque build on it. While I was exploring all this with the shikara moving at the minimal speed possible, I found life to be stand still & felt this was a thing I was always looking for. Once I finish exploring the city on Dal Lake, the shikara guy took us to the exteriors of the lake, where there was no civilistaion, but simply open lake with mountains & a beautiful sun set in the background, a perfect place to be relaxed & strengthen your beautiful memories...
Even the crushes that you have had in the past keep moving in your mind, with a feeling "I wishhhhhh". The lake makes you calm & even gives you a feeling that life is not completely to conquer but also to get conquered by the hands of nature.

Scenic view of the lake

The lake has this capacity to surprise you every moment with the more you keep exploring this place. In one of the industries that I visited, I even saw a carpet worth 5lacs being made. The place made everything from Kashmiri shawls, leather jackets & more. By this moment the sun had finally set & we were moving back to shore getting ourselves prepared for a stay in one of the boat houses on this beautiful lake.

If you are a die hard nature lover & you have not visited the Dal lake in Kashmir then I guess you have not still found the true definiton of nature yet.
Hence I would like to say though I was the one who explore Dal Lake but was still happy being conquered by it simplicity, love & most important it's uniqueness...

Between all this beauty & simplicity lies an area on this lake where no Indian is allowed to go & only tourist from outside India are. I mean this hurted our feelings a lot, how can an Indian be denied entry in his own land.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Being Part of History...

Being part of a 150 year old institution, itself gave me goosebumps when I got admission in Wilson College of Mumbai. Initially when I got through, the first feeling that came in my mind was that college has witnessed so many legends, some of whom even are respectable citizen of this Mumbai city, some even decide the economics of India.

Infact the college is even older then the Mumbai University, standing tall in front of the Arabian Sea in Mumbai, college has faced several tides of up's & down and still is considered one of the most respectable college of Mumbai.
My 3 years in Wilson taught me several things, the more I came to know about it, I felt the less I know about it. The college library, hall, campus, stone structured building, labs all give you a nostalgic feeling of the place. It indeed builds you up & makes you a part of it. Probably the only college in Mumbai that attracts students from all over India, from Kashmir to down south & from Assam, Manipur as well. This itself teaches you about the different cultures of India & the way they think. This indeed adds to the college feathers.
I still remember an incident when my friend & me were chatting in the college hall after a college fest managed by our class had come to an end, all we could discuss is how for 150 years this institution has held so many events & today we also are a part of a age old history. It indeed was a moment that I can cherish for my entire life.

Wilson College in it's initial years

Though it wasnt' a good act to do but on the last day of our college all we friends wrote our names on the last bench where we friends use to sit, further strengthing our stand in this historic college which builds future of students not only to develop themselves but also the society & nation at large.
Hence I say the more I have explored this college land, the less I know about it.