Monday, August 20, 2012

The Perfect Marine Drive

Amazed. I was, looking at this pic for once I thought I can click pictures too, an amateur at the profession taken from my Samsung Ace. So love the pic not only for the way it has come out but also for the editing done on it. Let me tell you, this image did not have any rains in it initally, neither the sky was so romantic purple in color but I am glad the image came out just the way I wanted it. No matter how many times I have been to Marine Drive, it always keeps telling me there can be a better view of this place, there can be a more perfect image of this place. Till date this has been the best for me. Hope you think the same too. The best of this place is yet to come btw.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Snorkelling Place

It's blue, it's beautiful, it's peaceful & it's a dream destination to be at. Langkawi's Peluar beach which is famous for it's Snorkeling adventures is for sure a place to be when in Malaysia. The place is so clean & beautifully carved by the Gods that it make you stunned at the first moment you see it. The experience of playing with fishes, sharks & several other marine life is just not explainable. The place has a complete different charm to it, one which cannot be explained but just felt. This landscape is just a glimpse of it. A place like this makes you say "Malaysia - Truly Asia"

My Best Pic at Langkawi

I so love this pic taken by me at Langkawi. What I like about it is, that it's not the photograph that has come out nice but the place itself was so beautiful that it made it perfect. More then an image it looks like a painting. One I always use to imagine during my school days when the teacher would say "paint a landscape students". The drawing of school days finally got completed after this very pic. Langkawi has some breathtaking landscapes & scenery but this one is by far the best among all. One also realizes that the famous action scene of the movie DON involving the Bollywood Badshah "Shahrukh Khan" & Boman Irani was shot here.