Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jodhpur on the Edge...Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort - It truly describes Jodhpur as "on the edge"

If you are in Jodhpur, one has to visit the gigantic Mehrangarh fort. Situated on a height of 400 Feet above the city it is called the fort of the queens. You can enter the fort from seven differe nt gates. It faces the entire city of Jodhpur that is almost painted in the colour blue.

Sheesh Mahal at Mehrangarh Fort

Once inside this fort you can feel the way emperors would have marched on their horses and elephants would have thumped around this fort.
The fort has several rooms, localy called as mahals such as moti mahal, phool mahal, sheesh mahal.

On display are several palkhis that is ancient way in which the queens were carried. There are some fierous armoury on display, swords, guns, some of the swords are made of ivory and some are those which actually belong to the emperors of Mehrangarh fort.

Trying a hand at the Cannons

The fort has several cannons on disply across all the sections, it proudly displays its wealth through the various glass and gold painted rooms. Its all so perfect for a royal stay. Even the cannon balls that were used during those period are well preserved till date. One wonders how can a four century old structure still stand rock solid.

Local Rajasthani Singers at the Fort

When inside the fort you will see several local singers singing Rajasthani folk songs. Its all so sweet and good to hear, they seem to make life so simple and beautiful, truly representing the warmth a human being carries.

We made sure all of us got involved in some great photo session activites and clicked some great pics. Life is beyond once imagination when you are in the fort, but it is advisable to avoid the heat in the month of May. It was hot but the fort has so much to offer that the heat could have been compromised.

No wonder such a beautiful and well preserved place deserves the tag of Jodhpur - on the Edge...

Jodhpur on the Edge...Umed Bhavan Palace

Umed Bhavan Palace

Our 15 min ride from the main Jodhpur city will take you to the Umed Bhavan Palace. Seeing this place first thing that comes to your mind is richness, royal lifestyle and discipline. The peace, calmness and the cleaniness is what posseses. It a huge palace named after Maharaja Umaid Singh.

The palace is made of over 300 rooms and is the residence of the royal family of Jodhpur. Its got a beautiful museum which exhibits ancient swords, cutlerys, some beautiful miniature engines and ancient clocks.
Its got a huge chowk which I assume the royal family must be using for their leisure time. Besidea its a perfect pictorial place, you just float along with the pace of the palace. Once you are out from there you will be welcomed by this huge garden facing the palace.
We were lucky enough to see a peacock spreading its feather all over, awesome sight. We got ourselves busy by getting ourselves clicked and building some great memories. Once out from there a sandstorm not that strong hit the place. Its was for first

time that we actually experienced something like it. Even that was something to enjoy & realise the different potential of this unpredictable and ever loving nature.

Perfect Moments at Umed Bhavan Palace

Jodhpur on the Edge...

Jodhpur City from Mehrangarh Fort

They say few things are best discovered and enjoyed when you visit that place for a purpose. Thats what exactly happened when seven of us visited Jodhpur for our friends wedding.

The train journey itself was a thing to remember, almost fourteen hours of travel pulling each others leg, silent whispers and the nature outside the window was awesome.

We reached Jodhpur in morning where our friend was there to pick us up and guide us to the Hotel. We made sure we got freshen up and headed towards our friends place for some heavy Rajasthani lunch full of sweets, gheer and calories.

Sightseeing of Jodhpur now begins...

Malaysia Truly Asia...Day 3&4

"At the Seminar"

Day 3 & 4 in Malaysia were actually meant for the seminar and training. After having our breakfast we headed to the office where the training was suppose to take place.
Lots & lots of gyaan on Sem & Seo is what we gained. Once out of the office we were set to explore the interiors of KL & do some shopping for our loved one's back home.

"At the KL Disc"

We made the most of the time we had & got ourselves enough from the place. Back to the hotel we got ourselves some quick byte and headed towards the discotheque. The entire place was full with 13 of us and a DJ. Nice experience of dancing with hardly anyone around but good fun escpecially dancing bhangra and garba in KL disc.

"Dany dancYing"

"Niktha & Nishant"

"Sirji ka After Effects"

"Teena & Nikitha among the elite"

Things seem to now come to an end, we headed back to our rooms so that we can be ready for our next day seminar, short it was. As the seminar was coming to the closure so was our stay in KL. We finally finish the seminar and after some memorable pics we headed towards the airport for our flight back to Mumbai.

As it all seem to come to an end an experience and memories forever were collected to cherish. Flight began & leaving our 4 day stay in KL back we landed back in Mumbai where our office chairs and insurance clients were ready to get back.

No doubt they call it Malaysia Truly Asia

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Malaysia Truly Asia - Day 2

Good Morning...My 2nd day in Malaysia began with phone calls for an early breakfast, had it been Mumbai I would have never got up so early on a Sunday Morning.
Sir had arrived in Malaysia & after a quick breakfast in the lobby we all got ourselves ready for Genting Highlands, in no time we were at the Lobby where Sir was waiting for us.

En route to Genting Highlands

We now headed towards the bus stop for a 30 min ride to Genting Highlands. A ride through the interiors of KL got us to the base of Genting. What came next was like a welcome to the adventures ahead, a 25 min cable car ride to the top of the hill top, those cold breeze, jungle around and nature's silence is all what we hugged in that 10X10 cable car.

"Genting Highlands"

As soon as we landed boss made sure that we headed towards the Casino for some gambling, he seemed to be a pro at this. He made sure each one of us got 1000 bucks to play there. Well Teena was the lucky one to win a handful. Playing roulette in such a big casino where money was flowing around is something you least expected. Back home even Teenpati is something big for us.
Gambling had its share, amusement park was awaiting. The first sight of that place reminds me of Brijesh saying "How are we gonna sit in on all these rides in one day", it was big, infact it was huge.

"Loud Shouts"

Considering time constraints we made sure we enjoyed in the best among that was offered. Rollercoater was we looked to be in. Fast, highted & quick turns is what it was...I could hear people screaming & abusing...thats how exciting it was. Once we were out of it, one should have seen faces of few. What was more exciting was those pictures taken by automatic cameras while we were in the roller coaster.

"Touching Heaven - Space Shot at Genting"

Space Shot - Our next ride, infact it wasnt a ride, it was a journey to the first step of heaven and back. Yes it was a long pole about 180 feet high, we were seated on those cage type seats and were slowly taken upwards to a height of 180 feet. The ride stopped on that height for about 10 seconds & in no time threw us all down to earth & up & down & up. This repeated for a good four times. Those seats seem to disappear when the throw downwards began. I am sure for most of us it was the most adventurous thing that we did.

"Snow World at Genting"

Snowworld - This was next on the unwritten agenda, though there was not much time but we somehow squeezed into the tight schedule. Sitting on that rubber tube for a snow made ride was exciting, throwing snow on each other, the feeling of being freezing cold was thrilling. Snaps shall say it all.
We finally headed back to the hotel & fortunately got our bus as well though we were late.

"Fine Dining - Teena & Nikitha"

Once back in hotel sir took all of us for a fine dining experience, it indeed was. That lavish dinning experince was awesome.
Back to our rooms we decided to njoi the rest of night singing songs & we made sure we all got involved into it.
A day full of drama, adventure, out of the skin experience came to end. Bravo ppl...

Malaysia Truly Asia - Day 1

He never calls often but that day he did, Krushant please come here said Vasu. It was 22nd May, next day being my birthday. I wondered why he had called, first he said jokingly Krushant you are fired then came the big surprise he said our company is being merged with a Foregin group and as a part of it you are being sent to Malaysia for training. It came as quite a surprise to me as it was least expected and never on my mind also.
However the process to the trip which was schedule on 6th June started, Visa, tickets, foregin currencies, info about the places to visit all began & the most exiciting part was that I was going there with office colleague yet great friends.
haaaa the camera were pushed in, the travel insurance policy was taken care of, shopping was done & instructions were all given from parents. Here comes 6th of June & nine of us were all ready to fly by Malaysian airlines from Mumbai. Rains delayed the start but journey was one thing I wanted to enjoy.
The excitement of the first trip abroad, foreign flight experiences could be all seen on each one of our faces. The flight took off & poor Souvanik could not take that and started praying to God...heheh all part of that excitment. A four & half hour flight full of sleep and Nikitha's silence who was sitting next to me got us to Kuala Lumpur (KL). A car was well booked for us to take us to the One World Hotel where our stay was planned. Even the journey from airport to hotel was one thing to remember, way we admired the cars on those long stretched clean roads, the bill boards & the greenary around.
A 30 min ride got us to the hotel, we all were taken back as the hotel offered more than we had searched about it online. We all got divided into our respective rooms. Souvanik was to share the room with me.

"One of the coolest pics of Malaysia - Great memories"

Those personal bars, lcd tvs, bath tubs, chocolates & yes that brilliant cushioned bed is something I'll cherish for my entire life. As planned we all were suppose to freshen up & leave for Petrona towers famously called twin towers. All of us got ready & I knocked on the girls doors to remind them its time to leave. But girls will be girls, Teena opened the door and she was still brushing her teeth. :p

"Petrona Towers at KL"

However we left in sometime from the hotel to Petronas. The sight was amazing, they say you need to see it to beleive it. Its a gigantic structure I sware, the cameras were now active & we made our best attempts to get a complete picture with those twin towers but well the architectures of that building did not keep this aspect in mind while building them.

"The Underground Aquarium"

We then headed towards the aquarium in that building...the experience of seeing those sharks, whales, fishes from the under water tunnel was something that shall always remain fresh. You dont mind letting yourself being conquered by those marine civilians. Awesome...
Hunger had finally called & we headed to this small Indian restaurant joint for some Biryani. Considering it to be foreign lands the food was quite delecious. We now made a move from there & somehow Praveen, Teena, Nikitha & me were able to get ourself lost from others. However we made best out of the "LOST" tag and got ourselves enjoyed in the lawns of petronas...clicking snaps and jumping around... The snaps had such great poses we were sure they will come out awesome but well some thing are just to be stored as memories in mind and not as pics. The snaps got deleted some how. No blames, the trip was amazing guys.
We finally found our lost office siblings and then headed towards some malls to shop for some Malaysian pick up, but well the best of a country is always found in its interiors & China town was the place where we went & shopped for stuff for our loved ones back in India.
Our first day in Malaysia was about to get over, a few discussions of the day, some phone calls back home was all that was left. We finally jumped on those cushioned beds to wake up next morning when our boss was about to join us in Malaysia. Good night guys.