Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sachin Tendulkar - A Billion Dreams

These days every time a Kohli or a Sharma walks to bat on the field we deep within try to see a glimpse of you in them. It's been a while since you have retired still we are yet to decide who should we chant for with the same passion as we did for you. The way you adjusted your stance, that little face of yours behind the helmet & the way you raised your bat every time on a milestone is so missed on television sets. You have left us with a void & you have left us confused. Today many of us support the Mumbai Indians since you are some how associated with them. As I write this I realise I have grown up with you & I have grown up wanting to be you. Sachin you were a dream for us, you were a reason for us to celebrate, you were our passion & you will forever remain our pride. However you have not realized how empty we fans feel at times, in a nation where we are short of inspiration in our regular daily life, you were our hope, you were something we all wanted to be. With you leaving the game we Indians are confused if we should celebrate the game or laugh at the fun this T20 provides. To see a straight drive is rare, too see that flick of the legs is rare. Big shots & short boundaries is what this game has ended into. Oh Sachin even those TV advertisements were beautiful with you. I so wanted that MRF bat all my life & I so kept drinking that pepsi since you endorsed it. It's just difficult to connect with the newer breed of cricketers. Debates will go on till this game lives but for me you will always be the man who taught me what pride is, what the actual meaning of passion is & what it is to see a dream & fulfil it. All this & much more is what I am expecting to see in your movie. People have been saying its a documentary, won't be that exciting and all. Well only I know what I am really waiting for. One more time & adding to the countless times I have roared... SACHIN SACHIN