Friday, February 19, 2016

Laye Hai Toofan Se Kashti Nikal Ke Is Desh Ko Rakhna Mere Bachon Sambhal Ke

Laye Hai Toofan Se Kashti Nikal Ke Is Desh Ko Rakhna Mere Bachon Sambhal Ke, being true to these lines our freedom fighters would have never ever imagined the India we are in. Not being critical here but the kind of issues we choose to boil over are so so not required. Where are we even moving or what are we even trying to achieve.
Every 5 years a mandate is given by us & we then refuse to follow. Rather then celebrating democracy, we simply go against the rules of land & fight for things that hold no substance.
India definitely  has a bright future & definitely dreams for one but how can these things be achieved if we continue holding on to things. Move on!

Take the classic example of our Prime Minister's frequent visits to foreign land, we kept arguing about expense, his clothes & even the food he eats. How many of us went deep down to discuss the issues he should address or things he should sort. It's India who has elected his leadership & the tenure, we rather focus on things he should be doing for us.

Lawyers vs The Media battle going on in the country is so hyped, sitting on the dinner table with my family & to see such issues makes you think is this how India is going to be shaped. Next day Sun rises & we move to our respective work & the India outside keeps fighting. Well patriotism has just remained a 10 letter word which arises in each one of us during a cricket match or a 100 crore movie based on Hindustan.

India, oh India you are way different from what I read about you in my school text books. I want to do something for you but then I don't want to dirty my hands too. (Pun intended)

Walking a path which someone already did.

It will vanish one day. We will not even realize that it's all gone and there will be some people who will hopefully miss you. Love, ego, jealousy, achievements would all hold no value & then we will realize we were chasing wrong things.

One life... one dream... one race... many to compete... each having one dream to cross that finish line where there is nothing beyond.

To see happiness & worries in daily lives, to see energy & hopes break on faces. To see life together & unwanted departures, all this & much more just for a dream which is built on greed & selfishness. Attempts to enjoy moments in this selfies struck generation are so rare. A pic use to speak thousand words, today they speak the reality which does not exist.

How I wish I could churn this life of mine in doing things that would make this society better & beautiful. It all seems fine, it all seems new and yet we realize the path I am walking someone else already did..