Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ghosts of Dahanu

For once my plans of visiting a place were made at once and that too without any hiccups. As decided we were all set to leave on Saturday early morning. My friends from town were suppose to come in a hired car to a friends place in Kandivli & all of us were set to leave from there.
The journey as usual had to begin with pulling each other legs. A three hour long journey to Dahnu & we started looking out for the place where we were suppose to stay, it was suppose to be a farm house of chintan's friend. When it comes to him you can never be sure, we were initially guided to a place where we could see only the farm but not the house. It took us 2 hours, a whole lot of abuses to chintan & kaushal to reach the destination named GRACE FARM.
Once we were there, we all were taken back by the place & its location, situated amidst those lonely jungles, the house indeed reminded us of those countryside hindi movies. The mali present there then took us for a walk in farm showing us the 350 coconut trees, chickoo & papaya farms. He also warned us of the snakes present in the farm.

It's a Jungle out there...

After having a walk in the farm we left the place & went to the city side for lunch but hey a long journey & the food was just good to fill our stomachs. Initially we all were skeptical of the place but once we were back to the farm the masti begins...
We entered the swimming pool & fights, victories, cheating & lot more was always gonna happen when 9 boys come together. It indeed was fun to pull some legs of each other.
It was soon dark & after a quick bath all of us headed out of the farm for dinner, full with punjabi & south Indian food, we were sure the night would be an exciting feature to look forward to. Poor vinit was the first one to sleep, hehehe we emptied the entire Colgate paste on him. The photo session when the lights were of was also a thing I would remember. I mean simple men being ghost & spirits was a friendly affair indeed.

Ghosts of Dahanu

The remaining of the night was spent playing cards & bets being placed on wins & losses. Some of them still owe my due victories...
Next day was the one I shall remember for long. Breakfast is all what we needed badly but the hotel was way out & none of us intended to go out. So all of us got together & decided to make sandwiches by ourselves, cutting tomatoes, applying butter on bread is something my mother shall surely be proud of.
Pool was the next thing on our minds, we then tied a rope to the trees surrounding the pool & hanged a bottle on it.
WE then divided ourselves as per our age & started playing the game where each team had to hit the bottle from a distance & the one who hits it 11 times first wins...hehehe & as always victory came natural to me. The dues of winning the bet is still pending.

Ghosts hitting the Army pool

With evening on its way, we all started packing our stuff & with funny & leg pulling memories we returned back to Mumbai where the hustle & bustle was ready to welcome us back.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Uttan Trek

Plan an outing and they are never smooth to take of, same it happened with us as well when we planned an outing to Uttan to the Ultimate Paradise resort. Working in the same office, Saturday was the best option to go & as decided most of them landed up on time at the Bhayandar station except Amit & me…lol… I’ll have to listen for the same for ever I guess. A fifteen minutes rickshaw ride from the station takes you to the Ultimate Paradise Resort. Though the rickshaw leaves you just about near the resort but a short walk from the jungles & small yet never ending steps take you to the resort situated at the hill top.
Ha the confusion still does not end, whether we should stay back or leave, however we leave the decision when the evening comes. Paid the entry amount & after a short breakfast, wondering whether to hit the swimming pool or walk we ended asking the resort owner if we could go for a trek or so & he guided us to the hill side for the same.
We thus began our walk, coming across a tree which was all lonely in the greenery present around it & sat down around it. Being from the same office, gossips, bitching & more was always there on the unwritten agenda…hey but its necessary to start a topic tho… & when we finally felt that it was enough we began walking towards a pond which though was at a distance & the road to it was walking over the rocks, farms & yes escaping if the bullock ever planned to attack. But hey it was worth it…

Praveen had slipped while clearing these rocks...

Initially we came across rocks that we need to walk on to get down towards the farm lands, hey it was quite simple enough though but I pitty Praveen, he unfortunately slipped…heheheh. Cleared the rocks successfully we came across a group of aspiring cricketers, children they were but were big enough to guide us towards the pond & soon we found ourselves walking amidst the farms. I could quite recollect my college days tho. As the pond seems closer to us there were these two bullocks that were present on our way, though they were fined tied but still even a run by one of them in that field was enough to make us feel its presence. While walking we came across a water pool, can’t describe it tho & it brought out the hidden models in us, each & every person was busy posing to make it a perfect picture but hell Bhakti’s camera doesnot have zoom…hehehehe. Finally the models move ahead & reach the actual pond we had planned of, but the pond that seemed so far when we started, we had reached quite early then expected, so we further decided to walk towards the sea shore.

Sorry but Bhakti's camera does not have zoom...

This was a walk in itself as the farms & rocks were taken over by a walk from the village, fishermen getting their nets done & kids catching butterflies. We finally reach the shore; most of us were simply enjoying the moment but Vinita…hehehe as usual gathering information about their living, diet & what not, and may be she intended to marry one of them. Finally a walk back to the resort on the same way, the walk which initially was very long but on the way back some how we could feel it very short.

We finally reached the tree where it all had begun & a passing dialogue from me got the tree it’s name “Pawan Tree”.

Pawan Tree where we gossiped, bitched & future WE 2 plans were discussed...
Finally we decide to enjoy what the resort had to offer, we had paid for it. After lunch we all hit the pool & got involved in searching for Rs 5 coin in the pool, I mean agree we are not paid enough but not less also that we needed to search for a coin & the less talk about the game played after the better.

Yes did feel like I am the emperor...

Come evening & no one removed the topic of staying back also, so the question never arose only. A standing bus ride was the last thing I had expected, girls are always lucky in this matter, B.E.S.T has special privileges for them though. Enough, the bus ride made me tired, hence don’t feel like writing the same here also.
Indeed it was a much needed break & nothing can give you more relaxation than a trek & with friends is more fun. Teena hope the place met your expectation of the term “Ekaaaaaaaant”. Hehehehehehehe

Picture Perfect...Amit where are you??

The link to the Pawan Tree on the Wikimap & the resort :Ultimate Paradise

Thursday, November 1, 2007

First Twenty 20 Match in India

Cricket has always been a passionate sport in India & I am one of the big contributors to this tag. The excitement & the aggression that this game bring to the people of India is beyond imagination. The Twenty 20 game has just added to this excitement & ever since India has won the world cup of this new format the craze is at it’s peak.

Such craze & you get a chance to watch the first Twenty 20 match in India is what one had always asked for. The match was scheduled to be held in Brebourne stadium of Mumbai & on a Saturday as well. India was facing the mighty Australian who had defeated the Indian team in the one day series prior to this match. Whatever it was records are a past when India decides to take the field for a Twenty 20 match & that too as the champions for the first time on Indian soil.
Making sure I am a part of the 40,000 spectators was quite a task, though tickets was not an issue but odd hiccups here & there are bound to happen. Once the tickets were in my hand a day prior to the match, my only job was to make my friends jealous of the possession. To my wonder the ticket was of the VVIP stand & which costed 10K. Came the day & after standing in a huge line & pushing my way through I entered what seemed to be a carnival.

Songs being played, cheer leaders dancing, Indian flags all around & yes the flood lights made a perfect set up for a match where Indian were heavily supported. Though India lost the toss, captain Dhoni seemed quite content with the decision of Australians to bat first. A huge roar went out when Indians took the field, I am sure it must have pumped the eleven Indians who took the field.
Here comes the first ball of the match & the roar goes louder, Aussies came out to their natural game, aggressive & always attacking but Indians led by a good pace attack by R.P Singh were determined to win this format of the game. Harbhajan seems to come at his best when he is playing the might Aussies.
A target of 166, a moderate one which India achieved without much trouble. Its always said in sports it does not matter how you win the match but the celebrations after the match is what is remembered. India did celebrate it in style as well with a victory lap on the car that Gautam Gambhir got as Man of the Match.
Besides this stars like Shahrukh & Deepika added fun to the match. Deepika being shown on screen & Dhoni’s blushing face after that indeed added to the rumors spreading around. In all it was a match worth remembering for the fact that it was the first Twenty 20 match in India. I shall always be able to tell my grand children that I was a part of the first Twenty 20 match in India & India had won it in style.